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Out-of-State Service Fee = $50.00 (Check or Money Order)

ANY document file stamped by the Court Clerk's Office shall be accompanied with a Check or Money Order. If, full payment is not received, the paper will be returned to the filing party with a note in the return field of "insufficient funds received for service."


  • At the time of filing, each out-of-state paper will have a check/money order attached to the top copy in the amount of $50.00 payable to the Atchison County Sheriff's Office.
  • Cash cannot be accepted! Papers received with cash will be returned as "Unable to serve without proper fee."
  • Documents to be served should be sent to the following address: Atchison County Sheriff's Office, 518 Parallel Street, Atchison, Kansas 66002
  • Documents should be accompanied by the following:
    • A self-addressed stamped envelope
    • Instructions for the completion of the return of service
    • A cover letter that lists information on the person being served (address, phone, employer, etc.) and contact information for the person issuing the documents


Civil process that is exempt from service fees shall have the words "Fee Exempt" noted on the top of the Service Request Form as determined by the Clerk of the District Court.

The following Out of State Civil Process is exempt from the $50.00 fee currently charged by the Atchison County Sheriff's Office.

  • Protective Orders, which meet the requirements of The Violence Against Women's Act 18 U.S.C. 2265.
  • Papers filed by Government Entities
  • For further information contact the Atchison County Sheriff's Office

Other Papers

The Atchison County Sheriff's Office will serve only documents originating from a Court and bearing its stamp and case number. Private papers originating from an attorney's office will not be served.